Kia ora! Welcome to BabySafe NZ®

BabySafe NZ is a learning tool designed to engage parents and caregivers with the key messages in baby safety. We want parents and whānau to feel better informed, more confident and less isolated through pregnancy, birth and parenthood. Keeping babies safe from unintended injury protects our future generations.

Topics of learning include:

  • Safe Sleeping and reducing the risk of SUDI (Sudden Unexpected Death of an Infant)
  • Shaken Baby Syndrome - safe ways to cope with a crying baby
  • Infant CPR


How it works

Watch the videos

Engaging videos designed for real life

Take the quiz

A simple and easy way to test your knowledge

Win awesome prizes

Entry to prize draw on completion
Earn more chances by sharing

Education is engaging

BabySafe NZ is easy to use, and follow up multi-choice quizzes help to make sure that each topic is understood before moving on to the next one.

It's meaningful

We all want to improve healthy outcomes for babies and prevent unexpected deaths. BabySafe NZ empowers parents, friends and whānau to keep babies safe and protect future generations.


BabySafe NZ is accessible through midwives, hospital clinicians or support workers.

The BabySafe Carer certificate

Everyone who completes the education earns a digital certificate as BabySafe Carer. Build a network of BabySafe Carers from your friends and whānau.

No special equipment needed

BabySafe NZ is easy to access on your smartphone, tablet or device — in your own time and place.


You are in charge

Learn in your own time and place. BabySafe NZ provides interactive education in the form of three short video clips and multichoice quizzes, which you can watch at a time and place that suits you.


Win prizes

Complete the BabySafe NZ education before baby is born and you'll go into the prize draw for FREE products and discounts. Earn additional chances to win by creating a BabySafe Carer network.


Share the aroha

Share BabySafe NZ with friends and whānau for the opportunity to earn more rewards. Members who have completed the education become qualified BabySafe Carers.

  • Empower friends and whānau to become BabySafe Carers.
  • Create a network of BabySafe Carers to choose from when support and care for baby is needed.
  • Every BabySafe Carer certified within your network earns you more chances to win.
  • Don't need the prizes? Donate your prize to one of our family-based charity partners..

How do I get started?

Currently the BabySafe NZ learning tool is still in development, but we would love to hear from you. Sign up to register your interest and receive communication about BabySafe NZ.

Get Started

If you would like more information about BabySafe NZ or have interest in becoming a sponsor, flick us an email at admin@babysafenz.org and we’ll be in touch.


Read what the experts have to say about BabySafe NZ

Dr Patrick Kelly

Dr Patrick Kelly, Paediatrician, Service Clinical Director, Te Puaruruhau (Child Protection Team), Starship Children’s Hospital Honorary Associate Professor, Department of Paediatrics: Child and Youth Health, Faculty of Medical & Health Sciences, University of Auckland

Over the last 25 years as a paediatrician at Starship Hospital I have seen far too many babies who came to serious harm from what is often known as “shaken baby syndrome”. Often, the bad thing happens because an adult couldn’t cope with a baby crying and applied force to make the crying stop. The adult may not have meant for it to happen and may bitterly regret it afterwards, but once it has happened, that adult, that baby and their entire family will live with the consequences for the rest of their lives. New Zealand has a serious problem with this kind of injury and there are no signs that it is getting better. No one, no matter how caring and loving they may be, is absolutely safe from the risk of “losing it”. For all adults who care for babies, and at all times, safe strategies for responding to a crying baby must become as natural as breathing.

I am therefore delighted to see the initiative being taken by Pēpi Haumaru, Aotearoa (BabySafe NZ), to create an educational tool which makes it easy for all who care for newborn babies to access crucial safety messages online, from their phones, at whatever time suits them. I am very happy to endorse both this initiative, and the information the education tool provides about “shaken baby syndrome” and how to prevent it.

David Tipene-Leach

David Tipene-Leach, Public Health Physician, SUDI prevention advocate of the Wahakura and Safe Sleep programme. Professor of Māori and Indigenous Research, Eastern Institute of Technology Ltd.

Kai whea mai! The Pēpi Haumaru, Aotearoa education tool is fabulous - all the right stuff in an easy to use format filled with pictures of people ‘who look just like us'. Well done BabySafe NZ. I’m now looking forward to you reaching a lot of people with this important information about how to keep our infants safe and well.

Grace Shallard

Grace Shallard is the National coordinator of the Power to Protect Programme (Abusive Head Trauma Prevention), is a registered nurse, and has a master’s degree in child protection.

The BabySafe education tool is a fantastic, innovative initiative which has the potential to relieve pressure on health workers, to empower those looking after children, and, most importantly, to keep our tamariki safe. As both a health provider and a health consumer, I am excited about the potential benefits of this tool and am happy to endorse the creation of this initiative.